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Farmer friends

October 11th, 2017 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

We have been so lucky to be visited today by farmer John. He came in to see us today with his farm dog Rob.

Before he came we thought of some questions to ask him, here are some of our ideas:

Carson- Have you got any cows?

Tilar- Do you have chickens?

Maddison- Have you got a sheep dog?

Georgia- Do you have a tractor?

We all wanted to know what he grows on his farm and how long he has been a farmer.

Farmer John was so friendly and answered all of our questions. He told us about the animals on his farm and the fruit and vegetables that he grows. He even brought a lucky dip bag for us to feel around in and pick out some of the produce that he grows.

What did you pick out?

Can you remember where it grows?

What else would you like to ask Farmer John?

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  • Mrs Slatter

    I m sure yo loved the visit from farmer John and his farm dog rob and all of the veg he brought in.

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